Handmade Mini Journals

Handmade Mini Journals 1. Watercolor paper 2.Paperbags 3. Envelopes Added: Tags, Washi Tape, Corner bookmark, poetry pockets

Handmade Mini Journals 

Ready to write down your New Year’s resolutions? I wasn’t sure I was and then I started to play with making mini journals. These 3 experimental minis in progress, are made from tags, paper bags, envelopes and watercolor paper.  Unlike the bigger store bought, bound journals, these minis can be completed in a few days or a few weeks.I’ve added some collage, recycled papers and Washi tape, but mostly I am trying to grow my skills in mark making, line drawing and explore different paint and marker techniques.

In this little trio, I feel one might be for New Year’s resolutions (I have one resolution written and hidden on a tag in the paper bag:), another mini I think will be to experiment with art journal techniques, especially hand lettering and paint/ink backgrounds and the last one will be for poems or inspirational quotes. Maybe—-possibly—-perhaps:) my mini journals will help me keep my New Year’s art and writing resolutions on track! 

Happy New Year and making, Jill


Summer Art Journaling

Art Journaling 

  • Appreciating some vacation time and summer art journaling. I enjoy the freedom of an art journal: A place to work on and keep little snippets of art, poems and thoughts. I have been working on ocean inspired themes lately; “Sea Anemone” is a recent entry:) Hope you are enjoying your summer and some creative time too:)  Jill

Sea Anemone (Haiku)

Pretty predator

stalking Sea’s underbelly

disguised near clownfish

Zentangle Inpired Art: tangles include showgirl, footlites and sez

JD 2017