Summer Reading A-Z

Summer reading A-D

As a librarian, I am good friends with alphabetical order. I am having fun creating my summer reading list of 26 books – in alphabetical order by title or author – LOL.  Excited to start summer reading – today:)

Here is the top of the reading pile, A-D: 

All middle grade titles (ages 9-12)

Audacity Jones by Kirby Larson  Hoping indeed that “everything will turn out splendid in the end” as the book blurb entices…

The BFG  by Roald Dahl (again- yes, because of the movie)

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass (on audio so I can tangle  – see other part of this blog if you are interested in finding out what tangling is… I started this novel some time ago, but so many kids wanted it from the library – I had to let it go… excited for the audio version.

DiCamillo, Kate  Raymie Nightingale  Because it is by Kate DiCamillo:) 

Hope your summer reading is off to a good start too:)



















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