Triangle Tiles

This tile reminds me of a tangle:) of bracelets. I am enjoying experimenting with the new(er) 3Z triangle tiles. The tiles are smaller than the traditional square tiles and that offers a challenge of its own!

For this challenge, I’ve tried to keep it simple with Amphora and variations of Hollibaugh. 

Check out more “Amphora” inspired tiles on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #306  Happy tangling:)






Renaissance Tiles

Renaissance (tan) tiles offer a chance to play with sepia tones and chalk accents, I like the look, but I don’t often choose Renaissance tiles to work on. So this time, I took on the Diva’s Challenge #304 to tangle with Waybop on a Renaissance tile. I like Waybop. It is a great tangle with so many possibilities.  Although, I am still getting my “sea legs” drawing it. It takes concentration! For the background, I added a bit of striping and Diva Dance.

On the Zentangle blog, Maria recently posted  “On a clear day…” explaining how she sealed Renaissance tiles with a clear coating. ( If you have a moment, take a look at the before and after – the “deepening” effect is very interesting! (I may try this next time:)

Happy tangling!








Heart Art

Heart Zendala 

Art therapy, it’s a good thing:)

Getting lost in creative pursuits so your mind/body can find a pleasant and peaceful, creative place/space is one of my favorite things. For this zendala, I kept the tangle choices simple…

  • Printemps, striping, a touch of Tipple and Shattuck.  

I like how the center striping adds a 3D effect and when I was done, I was relaxed!  Check out more fun “heart art” on the Diva’s Challenge link 303:






Triangle Tile (Cheer:) and Happy New Year!

Zentangle Inspired Art

Yay! I must admit, I did a little cheer when these new 3Z art tiles arrived… (I know it’s an art-thing.) Still don’t you remember as a kid the excitement of a new box of crayons? Wait, I still get excited over a new box of crayons…

So, yes, I opened the new 3 Z triangle tile box with that kind of child-like anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed. The new Zentangle tiles are made from the same lovely Fabriano Tiepolo paper as the square tiles. The petite triangles measure (3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5.) 

For the holidays, I experimented with making ornaments and bookmarks by punching two holes in the top corner and looping in a piece of cord…and violà there you have a little gift:) In the new year, I want to try the bookmark idea with different types (less holiday looking) cord. Maybe a pretty green or blue?

  • For the ZIA designs, I used a bit of gold gel pen, water color paint, and red Prismacolor pencil and the tangles include: Verdigoh, Icanthis, Tipple, Semoj, Scrolled feather(ish)

I look forward to seeing what other Zentangle art enthusiasts create on these new little gems. Also, take some time to check out the lovely 3Z triangle tiles on Maria and Rick’s Zentangle blog.  

Happy New Year!  Jill



Candy Corn Zia

Diva’s Challenge 291: A Halloween theme tile


Tangles: Betweed, Fracas and Fescu

We live near a school and had so many Trick or Treater’s on Monday night, my feet hurt giving out the candy LOL:)  Quite a parade of ghouls, super heroes, princesses and characters stopped by for treats!  It was fun to break out the Moonlight gel pens and color pencils for this challenge and tangle a candy corn:)

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Dreamcatcher Tile

Love a good challenge and drawing symmetrical lines kept me on my toes:) But Dreamcatcher is such a lovely tangle! (Designed by CZT Daniel Lamothe.) I think what helped me with some semblance of symmetry (whoa, say that 3 times fast:) was to keep thickening the black lines and slowing down (another challenge.)

Thank you for stopping by the blog and check out more Dreamcatcher tiles on the Diva’s Challenge blog link:

Diva Challenge 287

Dreamcatcher and Checkerstar