Happy 4th! Fireworks ZIA

Zentangle Inspired Art

Category #Summer fun:) I’ve been experimenting with mixed media techniques. I call this technique “tile-alizing:)” because your paper tile takes on the glossy look of ceramic tile.  

To try this technique, draw your tangles with a black micron 01 on a Zentangle 3.5 paper tile, then go for your mixed media elements to highlight and shade…watercolors, bleeding tissue paper, colored pencils, gel pens (can you tell, I have trouble stopping.) When all your media layers are dry, finish with a glossy coat (Modge Podge works:) Your paper tile will take on an appearance of a ceramic tile. My only cautionary tale is that sometimes when the glossy coat hits the gel pen, the gel pen can change color. I have only had this happen once when a golden rose gel pen turned (a scary) fuschia… ah, mixed media experiments. 

Happy 4th! Jill

Fireworks ZIA


Tangles: Letter “F” tangles, Fassett and Fengle for the fourth!


Book-ish Zentangle

Journal pages, bookmarks, poetry pages, hand-written notes…, oh my! This week, I dabbled with the tangle pattern dingbatz, inspired by Maria and Rick’s “Kitchen Table Tangles” post on the Zentangle.com Mosaic app.

Historically “dingbats” are ornamental elements in books, pretty hand-drawn or type-set * characters. The key with tangling dingbatz is to make a thin-lined frame as your border and use the Hollibaugh technique to draw a few tangles (such as mooka) behind the frame. 

This is one of those tangles that inspire a gazillion project ideas. The possibilities are delightfully end-less for dingbatz. (Although, I wish it had a better name LOL:)




Snowflake Flowers

Snowflake Flowers

It wasn’t until after I had finished the Zingo pattern tile that I realized I had drawn snowflake flowers:)  Ah, blizzards and New England… the last couple of days have been an interesting winter-remix. We’ve had over a foot of snow, and I knew I was a bit optimistic hanging the floral wreath on the front door last week. Hmmm, so anyway snowflake flowers may make sense after all:)

You won’t want to miss the wonderful video of Indy and Mazzy teaching Zingo as part of the Kitchen Table Tangles series from Zentangle.com. It’s truly inspiring and so much fun to watch, as the girls calmly and confidently teach the pattern steps. Enjoy more Zingo tiles (Challenge #307) @ http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com.




Triangle Tiles

This tile reminds me of a tangle:) of bracelets. I am enjoying experimenting with the new(er) 3Z triangle tiles. The tiles are smaller than the traditional square tiles and that offers a challenge of its own!

For this challenge, I’ve tried to keep it simple with Amphora and variations of Hollibaugh. 

Check out more “Amphora” inspired tiles on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #306 http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com.  Happy tangling:)






Renaissance Tiles

Renaissance (tan) tiles offer a chance to play with sepia tones and chalk accents, I like the look, but I don’t often choose Renaissance tiles to work on. So this time, I took on the Diva’s Challenge #304 to tangle with Waybop on a Renaissance tile. I like Waybop. It is a great tangle with so many possibilities.  Although, I am still getting my “sea legs” drawing it. It takes concentration! For the background, I added a bit of striping and Diva Dance.

On the Zentangle blog, Maria recently posted  “On a clear day…” explaining how she sealed Renaissance tiles with a clear coating. (http://zentangle.blogspot.com.) If you have a moment, take a look at the before and after – the “deepening” effect is very interesting! (I may try this next time:)

Happy tangling!








Heart Art

Heart Zendala 

Art therapy, it’s a good thing:)

Getting lost in creative pursuits so your mind/body can find a pleasant and peaceful, creative place/space is one of my favorite things. For this zendala, I kept the tangle choices simple…

  • Printemps, striping, a touch of Tipple and Shattuck.  

I like how the center striping adds a 3D effect and when I was done, I was relaxed!  Check out more fun “heart art” on the Diva’s Challenge link 303: http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com