Pink Lemonade ZIA tile

Spill it! Diva Challenge 282

ZIA tile with Pink Lemonade watercolor spill:

1. Full disclosure: I didn’t have any pink lemonade:) The splash of pink is water color pencil. I was inspired by Laura’s ( beet spilled tile and definitely wanted to try pink this time.

2. If I had pink lemonade, I wouldn’t spill it because I am a pink lemonade fan. LOL:)

I made an attempt to let my tangles spill over the tile and not completely stick to string sections. Tangles include: Catkin, Gnarly, Tipple, Verdigogh, started Pippin – ended up as a bit of a “sprig ” shape bottom right – definitely took a turn somewhere:)

A pink lemonade inspired tile seems like an appropriate way to wind down the summer season. It’s a beautiful New England day, sunny with a gentle breeze. Delightful to sit out on the patio and tangle away! Happy new school year for those starting this too:)



Blue and Gold ZIA

Olympic inspired tangles…

I was happy to be able to watch parts of the Olympic coverage, especially the gymnastics, swimming and volleyball events. So many amazing athletes! In gymnastics, Simone Biles simply defies gravity!

  • For this week’s Diva’s challenge 280, I chose a blue micron 01 marker and blue & gold Gelly Roll pens. Besides using an ocean blue marker, I selected tangles that reminded me of water to represent Rio: Fish net, Veezy, Fescu and Cayke. I put a touch of gold (medal:) gel pen around Hamail in the zendala center & Curly around the border. 

In a sense, like the Olympics, I’ve noticed the Zentangle Method and community inspires people from all over the world; I love how tangle art is about trying, contributing and sharing:) 


Challenge link




Duotangle Challenge

Duotangle in Black and White

Diva’s Weekly Tangle Challenge #279 

Two tangles: Auraknot and Meer  

It was fun to take up this week’s challenge with a white Gelly Roll pen on a black tile. I haven’t done that in awhile:) Meer was a new tangle for me, and I really liked it as a background tangle. I could see Meer becoming a “go-to” tangle because I tend to like flowy/organic style designs. Hope to check out many other duotangles  and thanks for stopping by to check out mine.

Happy tangling! Jill

auraknot and meer

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“Slow down, you’re moving too fast…”

Diva’s Weekly Tangle Challenge #278 

  • Use Knightstar in a tile
  • My personal challenge: Slow down you’re moving too fast (Bijou agrees)

bijou tiles

It was a happy surprise when I chose a Bijou tile to try Knightstar and the next tile in the stack was one of those lovely “words of wisdom” tiles that come with the boxed set. “Slow Down.” Just what I needed to hear:)

  • (Above) Official Zentangle “Slow Down” Bijou tile and my Bijou tile: Knightstar border around Drupe
  • (Below) 3.5 Tile : Knightstar corners, Zinger, Flux, large Henna Drum, Rounded Rixty, Abundes, a variation of Finery around a fan-like Flux


My brain couldn’t handle more than Knightstar corners, this time. The grid lay-out concept was winding me up – not slowing me down. I did learn the basics of a new pattern from this challenge, and I think Knightstar makes a cute corner!

 I’m happy to be slowing down. It’s another hot toasty New England day. The air conditioning is on- and there will be no multi-tasking. E-mail, paperwork and dinner will happen – all in good time.

Happy tangling! Jill





Running ‘Round in Circles

Diva Challenge #277 Running ‘Round in Circles

The last few weeks, I have been “running ’round in circles” too! Summer is supposed to slow things down, right? 

So it was nice to settle in on a sunny summer afternoon, take on the Diva’s next challenge to a create a tile with circles, and tangle for awhile. Here’s my circle inspired tile with a little of bit of this and a little bit of that, Jetties, Finery, Tipple, Rock n’Roll, Henna Drum… with a touch of Gelly Roll pen.

Happy tangling! Jill 

ZIA Summer Circles

Happy circles





Black, White, Red (Pink) Diva Challenge 272


Diva Challenge 272:

  • Black and white Zentangle tile and add red
  • Extra challenge have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously! (I needed the extra challenge as you will see below:)

Part of first tile that I liked…


And then PINK happened…

“Arghh, breathe, let it go”


The white Gelly Roll and red micron did their own “dance” and the “pink” runneth over! 

  • Tangle life lesson 1:) Pink happens… (note-to-self stay away from red ink and white Gelly Roll pens unless you want pink)
  • Tangle life lesson 2:) Rixty (variations) and Waltz (Diva Dance variation) are very fun to draw, pink or not.
  • Tangle life lesson 3:) There is always another tile to try…

Second tile:


  • Munchin and (a rounded fan design, which  may not be an official tangle pattern – I gave a look on, but still not sure …)
  • When I tangled the rounded fan shape, I was thinking “rounded Munchin/topped with a touch of Crescent Moon.” Since I am a writer, I love to name things. If this one doesn’t have a name, and I were to name it as a tangle, I would call it “Fair Us Wheel” in a nod to Ferris Wheels from amusement parks. Again, not sure, so I am going to defer to part 2 of the Diva’s Challenge and not worry t00 much about its origin at the moment.  

Hope you were seeing red (and not pink) if you took the challenge:)