Handmade Mini Journals

Handmade Mini Journals 1. Watercolor paper 2.Paperbags 3. Envelopes Added: Tags, Washi Tape, Corner bookmark, poetry pockets

Handmade Mini Journals 

Ready to write down your New Year’s resolutions? I wasn’t sure I was and then I started to play with making mini journals. These 3 experimental minis in progress, are made from tags, paper bags, envelopes and watercolor paper.  Unlike the bigger store bought, bound journals, these minis can be completed in a few days or a few weeks.I’ve added some collage, recycled papers and Washi tape, but mostly I am trying to grow my skills in mark making, line drawing and explore different paint and marker techniques.

In this little trio, I feel one might be for New Year’s resolutions (I have one resolution written and hidden on a tag in the paper bag:), another mini I think will be to experiment with art journal techniques, especially hand lettering and paint/ink backgrounds and the last one will be for poems or inspirational quotes. Maybe—-possibly—-perhaps:) my mini journals will help me keep my New Year’s art and writing resolutions on track! 

Happy New Year and making, Jill


Dreamcatcher Tile

Love a good challenge and drawing symmetrical lines kept me on my toes:) But Dreamcatcher is such a lovely tangle! (Designed by CZT Daniel Lamothe.) I think what helped me with some semblance of symmetry (whoa, say that 3 times fast:) was to keep thickening the black lines and slowing down (another challenge.)

Thank you for stopping by the blog and check out more Dreamcatcher tiles on the Diva’s Challenge blog link: http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com

Diva Challenge 287

Dreamcatcher and Checkerstar




Angle Tangle

My Straight (sort of) “Angle Tangle”

  • This challenge was definetly more of a personal challenge for me because I tend to gravitate toward tangles that are curves. I had to keep reminding myself to keep it straight:) Check out more straight tangles on the challenge link, “Straight to It” 286: http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com.  Thanks for stopping by the blog and happy tangling! Jill


  • Hollibaugh, Betweed, Munchin & triangle tangle enhancers



Blue and Gold ZIA

Olympic inspired tangles…

I was happy to be able to watch parts of the Olympic coverage, especially the gymnastics, swimming and volleyball events. So many amazing athletes! In gymnastics, Simone Biles simply defies gravity!

  • For this week’s Diva’s challenge 280, I chose a blue micron 01 marker and blue & gold Gelly Roll pens. Besides using an ocean blue marker, I selected tangles that reminded me of water to represent Rio: Fish net, Veezy, Fescu and Cayke. I put a touch of gold (medal:) gel pen around Hamail in the zendala center & Curly around the border. 

In a sense, like the Olympics, I’ve noticed the Zentangle Method and community inspires people from all over the world; I love how tangle art is about trying, contributing and sharing:) 


Challenge link http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com




Running ‘Round in Circles

Diva Challenge #277 Running ‘Round in Circles

The last few weeks, I have been “running ’round in circles” too! Summer is supposed to slow things down, right? 

So it was nice to settle in on a sunny summer afternoon, take on the Diva’s next challenge to a create a tile with circles, and tangle for awhile. Here’s my circle inspired tile with a little of bit of this and a little bit of that, Jetties, Finery, Tipple, Rock n’Roll, Henna Drum… with a touch of Gelly Roll pen.

Happy tangling! Jill 

ZIA Summer Circles

Happy circles