Poem Calendar


Write a poem a day for a month! Form is up to you…free verse, haiku, cinquain, acrostic – have fun and experiment.

Poetry tip: Center your poem around one strong feeling and spice it up with sensory details: sound, sight, touch, hearing and touch.

Day 1:  Write a poem about new beginnings or a first.

Day 2: Write a poem with two voices in it. Or from two different perspectives for the same poem. For example, an event from the point of view of a cat and then from a dog.

Day 3: Write a celebration poem.  Something you did that you tried to do over and over again and then finally succeeded.

Day 4: An open door poem… write a poem when something you didn’t expect happened – a new opportunity, a surprise.

Day 5: Write about something that is ignored, shine a light on it.

Day 6: Write about a common object you take for granted and yet wouldn’t want to live without.

Day 7: Write about a favorite place.

Day 8: Congratulations on writing a week of poems! Write a poem something that takes a certain amount of time, a day, a week or year.

Day 9: Write about a scientific discovery that we take for granted: Frame it- What would we do without…?

Day 10: Write about something outside of your window.

Day 11: Write about an action. 

Day 12: Write about a familiar, everyday, place.

Day 13: Write about a complicated feeling.

Day 14: Write about a favorite, or ideal pet, real or imagined.

Day 15: We are in the middle of the month! Congratulations! Write about a situation when you were stuck in the middle of something.

Day 16: Write about change or a life cycle.

Day 17: Write about something you are grateful for.

Day 18: Write about your most comfortable piece of clothing.

Day 19: Write about a time when you were afraid.

Day 20: Write a “wish” poem.

Day 21: Yay! You are in the home stretch! Write a “travel” poem or poem about a journey.

Day 22: Write about you. One trait that makes you unique or shows a part of you. A hobby or interest counts:)

Day 23: Write an observation poem. Sit, watch, write.

Day 24: Write a delicious food poem.

Day 25: Write a poem from an objects point of view- a table, a chair, an earring:)

Day 26: Write a poem in only sounds (other than the title)

Day 27: Write a poem entitled: 3 Important Things before…

Day 28: Write a poem about a name.

Day 29: Write a poem about a reason to smile.

Day 30:  Hooray! Last day of the poem calendar, write a poem that is based on your favorite word. Yep, just one.

Congratulations, dear poet! You did it!