Creative Journal Pages

Creative Journaling:

I enjoy journaling and playing with paper. For me journals are “everything-holders.” Great for writing ideas, jotting down thoughts and memories and experimenting with mixed-media. It all rolls up into a nice little bundle called creative journaling. Here I will share some fun journal pages/projects that you may enjoy too.

Journals? All types may apply: Repurposed or altered books (a favorite), art pages, sketching, every day lined pages for notes/writing ideas, junk journals, bullet journals, this and that journal ideas, you get the idea. Note: Many of the materials and techniques are geared for older folks, in other words, grown ups can play too.

Junk Journal: Zinnia project- a flip-through

The Zinnia JJ is sort of shabby chic or what I like to call vintage cottage. It is a gift for a friend. She loves to cook and bake, so I imagine she will put in some delicious recipes and perhaps jot down some thoughts and memories. I can see her tucking in some special cards and photos too.

First a little bit about – no rules junk journals- skip this part if you already know what a junk journal is! A junk journal can include any papers you have that you can fit and attach in the journal: old and new: vintage, envelopes, journal cards, tea-dyed paper, library cards, scrapbook paper, packaging, graph paper… Often the pages are interactive with lots of pockets, folds and tags. Paper folded and grouped (glued, sewn or stapled together) is called a signature.

Pages of this journal:

The Zinnia journal has one main signature (pamphlet stitched and reinforced with a grommet tab) and a mini journal in a clear pocket, plus many other pockets and tuck spots. It measures about 5×7 and started out as a ring binder and is made from chipboard, but Zinnia -bloomed:) and was too big for the 1″ binder rings. Rather than getting a larger rings, I decided to use cord, a little knotting, some grommets (I am not great at grommets:) to bind the sections.

Covers: Front cover had the laser cut trellis design which I covered with gesso and collaged, then sealed with a clear coat of Modge-Podge. I backed the front cover with a mix of old papers, some from an old pile that I think were rice paper. I reinforced it with a tea stained and stenciled envelope. The inner back cover is a combination of cheese cloth and scrapbook paper pocket, the back a piece of Kraft-tex. The closure is a cute little piece of burnt apricot ribbon tied in a bow.

Some in process pics-
Collage, flower sketch/doodle in marker/gel pens, signature done with pamphlet stitch, then added paper tab and later grommets:)

One of my favorite parts of creative journaling is finding some inspiration in colors or materials, and then repurposing them.

Inspiration: When I doodled the Zinnia wildflower on the mini journal it sparked the theme of the journal for me. There is a cute little scrap of some craft instruction paper that had the word Zinnia on it, and I collaged that on the last page. Fun! Also, I loved the origami instruction sheets with their pop of orange too. Don’t you just love paper?

Repurposing: I had left over chalkboard paint from another project (page with doodled tea cup) and so many pretty scraps to make the journal tag and cards with. I tea stained some old envelopes to make pockets and used white gesso on some of the collage pages. I find collaging so fun and relaxing, a little gluey puzzle:)

Those are some highlights from the Zinnia journal project. Hope you found some inspiration here for your own junk journal projects.

Happy journaling, Jill