Creative Journaling

As much as I like writing on a laptop, I love writing by hand in a journal, doodling and adding creative art splashes. Journaling gives me the freedom to be reflective and let my thoughts wander and grow.

Two of my favorite types of journals are altered books, taking an old thrift store book and making it into a journal and “artsy” composition books. Pens, colorful collage papers, a splash of paint or ink, washi tape, glue and scissors and viola your journal becomes a layered visual story of the moments you want to capture- real or imagined.

I use my journals to reflect on everyday moments, but also for creative writing, poems and stories. If your feeling a little stuck as a writer, or simply want a creative playground, I’d say give creative journaling a try.

I think the best part of creative journaling is each journal is a unique reflection of its creator. Plus, they are really fun to look back on, little time capsules, of your life and your creative journey.

Wishing you happy journaling! Jill