Happy 4th! Fireworks ZIA

Zentangle Inspired Art

Category #Summer fun:) I’ve been experimenting with mixed media techniques. I call this technique “tile-alizing:)” because your paper tile takes on the glossy look of ceramic tile.  

To try this technique, draw your tangles with a black micron 01 on a Zentangle 3.5 paper tile, then go for your mixed media elements to highlight and shade…watercolors, bleeding tissue paper, colored pencils, gel pens (can you tell, I have trouble stopping.) When all your media layers are dry, finish with a glossy coat (Modge Podge works:) Your paper tile will take on an appearance of a ceramic tile. My only cautionary tale is that sometimes when the glossy coat hits the gel pen, the gel pen can change color. I have only had this happen once when a golden rose gel pen turned (a scary) fuschia… ah, mixed media experiments. 

Happy 4th! Jill

Fireworks ZIA


Tangles: Letter “F” tangles, Fassett and Fengle for the fourth!


Triangle Tile (Cheer:) and Happy New Year!

Zentangle Inspired Art

Yay! I must admit, I did a little cheer when these new 3Z art tiles arrived… (I know it’s an art-thing.) Still don’t you remember as a kid the excitement of a new box of crayons? Wait, I still get excited over a new box of crayons…

So, yes, I opened the new 3 Z triangle tile box with that kind of child-like anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed. The new Zentangle tiles are made from the same lovely Fabriano Tiepolo paper as the square tiles. The petite triangles measure (3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5.) 

For the holidays, I experimented with making ornaments and bookmarks by punching two holes in the top corner and looping in a piece of cord…and violà there you have a little gift:) In the new year, I want to try the bookmark idea with different types (less holiday looking) cord. Maybe a pretty green or blue?

  • For the ZIA designs, I used a bit of gold gel pen, water color paint, and red Prismacolor pencil and the tangles include: Verdigoh, Icanthis, Tipple, Semoj, Scrolled feather(ish)

I look forward to seeing what other Zentangle art enthusiasts create on these new little gems. Also, take some time to check out the lovely 3Z triangle tiles on Maria and Rick’s Zentangle blog.  

Happy New Year!  Jill



Pink Lemonade ZIA tile

Spill it! Diva Challenge 282

ZIA tile with Pink Lemonade watercolor spill:

1. Full disclosure: I didn’t have any pink lemonade:) The splash of pink is water color pencil. I was inspired by Laura’s (http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com) beet spilled tile and definitely wanted to try pink this time.

2. If I had pink lemonade, I wouldn’t spill it because I am a pink lemonade fan. LOL:)

I made an attempt to let my tangles spill over the tile and not completely stick to string sections. Tangles include: Catkin, Gnarly, Tipple, Verdigogh, started Pippin – ended up as a bit of a “sprig ” shape bottom right – definitely took a turn somewhere:)

A pink lemonade inspired tile seems like an appropriate way to wind down the summer season. It’s a beautiful New England day, sunny with a gentle breeze. Delightful to sit out on the patio and tangle away! Happy new school year for those starting this too:)