Zendala FUN




Zendala FUN:  Keeping it Zen on a sunny afternoon

Four tangle patterns

Unconstrained by symmetry

N No worries, let it flow one stroke at a time!

As you may know the “Zen,” in Zentangle is the idea that there are no mistakes, just artistic experimentation, fun and flow. So, on a beautiful summer afternoon in New England I had the bonus of a little creative time on my hands (love when this happens:) and I enjoyed creating an asymmetrical Zendala using four patterns Abundes, Poke Root, Sanibelle and Squid, with a Sakura micron 01 and a graphite pencil. B.t.w., Zendala tiles come blank and pre-strung with grayscale strings. I chose a pre-strung floral style pattern for this design.

If you find yourself with a little creative time, why not give a free-flowing Zendala a try:)

Have FUN!






















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